Heavy Metal Magazine: December 1984 – Vol. 8 No. 9

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Cover – “The Green Man” – Richard Corben
p.02-03 – “Judgement Day” – Paul Kirchner
p.05-06 – “Dossier: Wordpekar” – Mike Barson, Harvey Pekar, and Kevin Brown
p.05, 07 – “Dossier: Horrors” – Michael S. Barson
p.07-08 – “Dossier: Book Bash” – Penthesileia
p.08-09 – “Dossier: 20/20 Haynes-Sight” – Kyle Roderick and Gordana Malesevic
p.10-11 – “Dossier: Nahallywood” – Ed Naha
p.12 – “Dossier: The Metal Projector” – Steven Maloff and Ed Naha
p.14-24 – “Rocco Vargas: Tritón” – Daniel Torres
p.26-33 – “The Walls Of Samaris” – François Schuiten
p.34-37 – “The Italian Inquisition: Federico Fellini Interviewed” – Dan Yakir and Sonia Moskowitz
p.38 – “HM’s Star Dissections: Oodles Of Doodles” – Drew Friedman
p.40-49 – “An Author In Search Of Six Characters” – Maurilio “Milo” Manara
p.52-59 – “The Hunting Party” – Pierre Christin and Enki Bilal
p.61 – “Chain Mail”
p.62-77 – “Enslaved By The Needle!” – Joost Swarte and Bernard Willem Holtrop
p.80-83 – “Gallery: Enchantment: Dragonprince” – Doris Vallejo and Boris Vallejo
p.84 – “The Bus” – Paul Kirchner
p.85-92 – “Tex Arcana: Meets The Toast Of Europe: Part 15” – John Findley
p.93-96 – “Rock Opera II: The Rise And Fall Of Rocky Starzborne” – Rod Kierkegaard Jr.
Back Cover – “Metaphysics” – Luis Royo


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