Heavy Metal Magazine: January 1995- Vol. 18 No. 6

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Cover – “Emerging From Red” – Luis Royo
p.04-07 – “Gallery: Visions Of Arthur Suydam”
p.10-13 – “The Inducement” – Richard Corben
p.17-32, 85-114 – “Teddy Bear” – Gess
p.34-45 – “The Cryptcopper: The Rave Of The Living Dead” – Gordon Rennie and Roger Langridge
p.47-55 – “Sgt. Kirby” – Jerry Paris
p.57-62 – “Museum: Erika Goldring” – Fernando De Felipe
p.63 – “StripTease” – Scott Cunningham
p.63 – “StripTease: Sin Alley Presents: Amber Creme “46 DD”” – Wayno
p.64 – “StripTease: Alky-Toons” – Roy Tompkins
p.65 – “StripTease: Fantasy Masters!: Module 25A: Barhopping” – Todd Ramsell
p.66 – “StripTease: Tee ‘N Hee: The Cocktail Napkin Comedians: Booze ‘N Broads!” – Tony Mostrom
p.67 – “StripTease: Where The Drink Goes In… There The Wit Goes Out.” – J. R. Williams
p.68 – “StripTease: Lives Of The Cartoonists” – Michael “P. Revess” Kupperman
p.69 – “StripTease: Carry A. Nation” – Mark Martin
p.70 – “StripTease: Professor Pap: Re-Invents The Pretzel!” – Michael Aushenker
p.70 – “StripTease: Price King Discount Appliances” – Michael “P. Revess” Kupperman
p.70 – “StripTease: Our Readers Corner”
p.72-79 – “In A Place Of The Mind: Zone B” – José María Beá
p.81-82 – “Merchandising” – Das Pastoras and Prats
p.84 – “Caveman” – Tayyar Özkan


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