Heavy Metal Magazine: January 1998- Vol. 21 No. 6

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Cover – “Torpedoes On Planet Pink” – Julie Bell
p.03 – “Heavy Metal” – Kevin Eastman
p.03 – “Dialogue: Letters To The Editor”
p.05-08 – “Gallery: Stacy E. Walker” – Barry Morgenstein, Boris Vallejo, and Julie Bell
p.10-11 – “Dossier: Jeffrey Goldsmith Interviews Bettie Page”
p.14-23 – “Meli-Melo” – Olivier “O’Groj” Grojnowski
p.25-49, 99-119 – “Juan Buscamares: The Water” – Félix Vega
p.51-58 – “The Land Of Azor” – Enzo Troiano
p.60-62 – “Ffuck Kompany” – Željko Pahek
p.64-71 – “Wind” – Philippe “Caza” Cazamayou, Philippe Kilian, and Scarlett Smulkowski
p.75-82 – “The Inheritance” – Alfonso Azpiri
p.86-95 – “Mamba: Have You Ever Been Seduced?” – Ignacio Molina and José González
p.96-97 – “New York, 2000 AD.” – Enki Bilal


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