Heavy Metal Magazine: July 1993+ – Vol. 17 No. 3

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Cover – “Hi Octane” – Simon Bisley
p.04-07 – “Gallery: Ted McKeever”
p.10-13 – “DenSaga: Mola The Mole” – Richard Corben
p.17-40, 81-112 – “Apocalypse: The Eyes Of Doom” – Juan Giménez and Roberto Dal’Pra
p.42-49 – “Dreaming” – François Boucq
p.50-53 – “Little Ego” – Vittorio Giardino
p.55 – “StripTease” – Scott Musgrove
p.56 – “StripTease: Gallery” – Wayno
p.57 – “StripTease: Modern Age: Oyster Bay Cliches From Rajab Manzil” – Mark Martin and Peter Kuper
p.57 – “StripTease: The Adventures Of Wormboy” – Michael “P. Revess” Kupperman and Peter Kuper
p.58 – “StripTease: Mr. Pumpie’s World” – Scott Cunningham and Mark Martin
p.59 – “StripTease: Randy The Skeleton” – Jim Woodring, Ian Carney, and Aidan Potts
p.60 – “StripTease: Lives Of The Artists As An Alien Metaphor” – Ian Carney, Aidan Potts, Michael “P. Revess” Kupperman, and Scott Cunningham
p.61 – “StripTease: Frank’s Fall” – Peter Kuper and Jim Woodring
p.64-78 – “Hiding” – Durañona


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