Heavy Metal Magazine: July 1995 – Vol. 19 No. 3

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Cover – “Erotic Nightmares” – Ciruelo Cabral
p.04-07 – “Gallery” – Simon Bisley
p.10-13 – “Daily Delirium” – Miguelanxo Prado
p.16-21 – “Museum: Egon Habermas” – Fernando De Felipe
p.24-31 – “A Day Like Any Other (Before Breakfast)” – Oscar Aibar and Rajko Miloševi
p.33-65, 99-128 – “The Saga Of The Meta-Barons: Othon The Great” – Alejandro Jodorowsky, Juan Giménez, Jean “Mœbius” Giraud, Jean-Marc Lofficier, and Randy Lofficier
p.67 – “StripTease” – Mark Martin
p.68 – “StripTease: Just A Thought: Episode 126” – David Cooper
p.69 – “StripTease: Young Media Icons Naked & Mutated By Radiation!” – Mark Landman
p.70 – “StripTease: Secret Super Team” – Michael “P. Revess” Kupperman
p.71 – “StripTease: Those Little Rapscallions: Buddha And His Buddies: Teacher, Teacher, I Declare – I See Through Your Underwear!” – Mack White
p.72 – “StripTease: Professor Pap: Nearly Dies From Laughter!” – Michael Aushenker
p.72 – “StripTease: X-Rated Specs” – Scott Cunningham
p.72 – “StripTease: Must Have!” – Justin Green
p.74-81 – “In A Place Of The Mind: Zone F” – José María Beá
p.82-83 – “Caveman” – Tayyar Özkan
p.85-96 – “Versus: Bon Appetite” – Josep María Polls and José María Beroy


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