Heavy Metal Magazine: May 1998 – Vol. 22 No. 2

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Cover – Broeck Steadman
p.03 – “Heavy Metal” – Kevin Eastman
p.03 – “Dialogue!!: Letters To The Editor”
p.06-09 – “Gallery: Ghi Stecyk”
p.10-11 – “Dossier: Jeffrey Goldsmith Interviews Neil Gaiman”
p.13 – “The Game Show” – Meredith Bogard
p.14-15 – “Galactic Geographic: The Ropemakers Of Betel IIb” – Karl Kofoed
p.18-23 – “Third Argument” – Zoran Tucic, Zoran Stefanovic, and Milorad Pavi
p.26-30 – “James Dean, Cora, Charlie, And I” – Fages and Chauvel
p.32-52, 96-120 – “Koshka: Death By Betrayal” – Di Marino and De Vicentiis
p.56-61 – “Television Man” – Oscaribar and Redondo
p.63-72 – “The Fighter” – Antonio Segura and José Ortiz
p.74-76 – “Tightwire Walker: Doctor Yes” – Olivier “O’Groj” Grojnowski
p.80-93 – “Incompatibility” – Eduardo Risso and Carlos Trillo


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