Heavy Metal Magazine: September 1994 – Vol. 18 No. 4

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Cover – “Feast” – Julie Bell
p.04-07 – “Gallery: The Fantastic Art Of Michael Ploog”
p.09-15 – “Harlequin Bones: Kil 4/11/44” – Warren Ellis and Phil Winslade
p.17-32, 85-114 – “Dayak: Ghetto 9” – Philippe Adamov
p.34-43 – “White Trash: Turtle Gumbo” – Gordon Rennie and Martin Emond
p.47-56 – “Lorna: The Return” – Alfonso Azpiri
p.60-62 – “Caveman” – Tayyar Özkan
p.63 – “StripTease” – J. R. Williams
p.63 – “StripTease” – David Charles Cooper
p.64 – “StripTease: Tee ‘N Hee: The Cocktail Napkin Comedians” – Anthony Mostrom
p.65 – “StripTease: A Fly’s Gift” – Justin Green
p.66 – “StripTease: So Fucking Funny You’ll Fucking Die!” – Sam Henderson
p.67 – “StripTease: Tommy And Tipper: The Safe Tees: Fighting Hurts Everyone” – “Uncle” Wayno
p.68 – “StripTease: Neanderthal” – Terry LaBan
p.69 – “StripTease: Lil’ Ajil And Joly M.” – John “Gabby Le Mule” Spear
p.69 – “StripTease: The Frustrated Little Married Man” – Mark Martin
p.70 – “StripTease: Prof. Pap Teaches Prof. La Gucey That “The Best Things In Life Are Freaks”” – Michael Aushenker
p.70 – “StripTease: Are You A Bagel Wiper?” – Steven Erdman
p.70 – “StripTease: Topical Frolics”
p.72-79 – “Paradise Valley” – Santiago Perez
p.81-83 – “Little Ego” – Vittorio Giardino


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