Heavy Metal Magazine: Vol 291 – September 2018- THE FETISH ISSUE

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• Four Covers: Nikki Sixx, Paul Neberra, Carla Harvey & Jaque Edeyr, and Coop
• Hector Lima and Abel’s DARK DANCEFLOOR.
• Esau Escorza & Michael Moreci’s THE DOOR.
• Richard Corben’s MURKY WORLD.
• Ed Luce’s SPACE FUZZ.
• Leonie O’Moore’s THE CLAIRVOYANT.
• Gallery by Johanna Stickland.
• Rodrigo Lucio, Carlos Dearmas & Omar Estévez’s A LIF WITHOUT ENNUI.
• Bob Fingerman’s DOTTY’S INFERNO.
• Gallry by Gabriele Pennacchioli.
• Enki Bilal’s THE COLOR OF AIR.
• Grant Morrison and Tula Lotay’s NIHILOPHILIA.
• Hector Lima, Rodrigo Urbano, and Camila Torrano’s AWAKE WALKER.
• Rantz Hosely and Menton3’s NEED.
• Gallery by Ulorin Vex.
• Jenni Gyllblad’s FRILLS AND FOLDS.
• Gallery by Coop!
• A Tribute to Harlan Ellison by Patton Oswalt, Peter David, Kevin J. Anderson, Mark Waid, Colleen Doran, and Bill Sienkiewicz.


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