Heavy Metal Magazine: Vol 292 – January 2019 – Psychedelic Special

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Heavy Metal gets its freak out on with #292, our mind-blowing Psychedelic Special!

“She Comes At Midnight” by Rob Sheridan

“The Smile of the Absent Cat” Chapter Three by Grant Morrison and Gerhard

Gallery from Miles Johnston

“The Door” Chapter 4 by Michael Moreci, Esau Escorza, & Adam Wollet

“Oneiroverse” by R.G. Llarena, Garrie Gastonny, Omar Esteves, & Jame

“Empires” by Grant Morrison & Rain Hughes

Gallery from Ron English

“Influencer” by Michael Kupperman

“Hydroglyphs to Mania” by Miranda Smart

Gallery from Amelie Barnathan

“Citied” by Rants Hoseley & Andrew Brandou

“The Color of Air” Conculsion by Enki Bilal

“Beatle” by Diego Agrimbau & Gabriel Ippoliti

“Combrats” by Ron English

Gallery from Adrian Cox

“Cultscape” by Hector Lima, Patricio Delpeche, & Martin Tunica

“Murky World” Part 5 by Richard Corbin


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